From the files of another great fishing trip. This time I had the privilege of fishing out of Terrace BC Canada. With a group of great anglers.


My wife, J.Ann and I met Brent and Dyanne Schlenker from Medicine Hat, Canada and Dale Freschi from Prince George, Canada. In addition we had the privilege of fishing with a local Multey, Ken, and his son Mark from Medicine Hat as well. All are better then your average fisherman, so it made a great a week of fishing.


We used one of the Hyde Power Drifters and a Hyde 16.8 for the first day to row a section of the Kitimat (which was great fishing). A motor is permitted to hang on the boat on the Kitimat, but it can not be started or used. We were almost continually hooked up on either a Pink salmon or a Chum salmon.


The pinks were average 4– 6 lbs and the chums ranged from 5– 12 lbs. We were a little early for the Silvers although we did see one group targeting silvers with some success.

The next day we went to the Skeena with the Power Drifter. The river was full of fish, mainly Sockeye and pinks, but we got into a fair amount of Steelhead and a few Silvers.


Dale Freschi (host of Sport Fishing on the Fly) has to be classified as the Bulldog of fishing. Dale caught the most and was hooked up, it seemed, almost all of the time. The rest of us came in somewhere after him for hookups for second place, third place etc… Dale is not just a good TV personality, but he’s also one of the best fly fisherman I have ever meet.

All in all this is one of the trips that I will remember for a long long time. Traveling to the Terrace area was a long one, but it was worth the 24 hours to get there from Idaho Falls. I would recommend that you find a guide to help get you into some of these great fishing waters. I am already planning another trip to the area and I can’t wait to hook up to some more of these monsters.


I hope to see you on the rivers of the world and hope if you see me that you’ll take a minute to say hi. I will be returning to this area many times.

LaMoyne Hyde

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