Casey Birkholz, Worldcast Anglers

North Ogden, UT and Southeast ID
(801) 721-2064

Since 2000 I have been lucky enough to be guiding the Henry’s fork, South fork and Teton Rivers. Originally I started with Hyde Outfitters and switched over to WorldCast Anglers when they purchased the outfitting permits. Over the years, and fishing all over the world. I have grown to love these rivers more and more. There is no other place I would rather be than on the Henry’s Fork in June.

"I have been rowing a Hyde for nearly 25 years now. I have rowed every drift boat that is out there and I think that the perfect boat for the Rocky mountains and the west is the Montana Skiff. I love its versatility, storage, rowability, and comfort to fish out of. This boat is as good as it gets for my style of fishing. you cannot go wrong with Montana Skiff!"

- Casey Birkholz, Worldcast Anglers