Gary Anderson, Perfect Season

Canmore, AB

Gary Anderson named his company, “Perfect Season” primarily because he believes it is always a “perfect season” somewhere in the world to be fly fishing! The other reason is well known, Gary is the 1st kicker in the NFL to have a “perfect season” (1998) without missing a single kick, making 94 out of 94 kicks!

Gary is passionate about fly fishing and he has fished all over the world. Gary’s been a guest on numerous ESPN fly fishing TV shows, including, “Fly Fishing The World”, “Suzuki Great Outdoors” and “North American Outdoors” When asked what his favorite species to target is, he responds, “I love every aspect of fly fishing, but if pushed, I would have to say Tarpon, for me there is just nothing like a 100+lb. fish going air-borne right in front of you!”

Through Perfect Season, Gary is partnering with various company’s in the fly fishing business to help promote this wonderful sport! Gary specificially is targeting the younger generation and also fly fishing for the entire family. Gary says, “My most special moments in life, are the time spent fly fishing with my two teenage boys and my wife, Kay.”

"For the past 23 years in the NFL, I have been measured by one very simple standard – “performance”. Regardless of the weather conditions or the pressure of the moment, everyone counted on me to get the job done. I used these same standards when I chose a drift boat to enjoy in my recent retirement to the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the world renowned Bow River. I wanted a drift boat I could count on to be the very best – that’s why I chose a Hyde!"

- Gary Anderson, Perfect Season