Customers and Professional Guides

  • I wanted to send a quick note to you and your team at Hyde thanking you for taking care of me. I don’t know how other companies handle their customers, but I do know that Hyde has a lifelong customer in me. I appreciate the honesty, integrity, and knowledge that you all demonstrate every day.

    Thank you!

    Brian Perkins

  • I picked up my drift boat two weeks ago after having the bottom resealed. It had been banged up pretty bad. Although it took longer to repair than I had expected the finished product really looks nice. The did an outstanding job. They also did some work inside the boat which I did not expect at no additional cost. I was very pleased. And the cost was reasonable.

    Jack Way - Idaho Falls

  • I can’t tell you how much we enjoy my our boat. I love to float the snake and stay overnight with my wife. So much fun and it’s so easy to row, she enjoys rowing as well. With all of the storage compartments, we never have to worry about our supplies. I can’t say enough about this boat… thanks

    Rick Morley - Morgan, Utah

  • Best boat I ever sat in. Easy to row . My salesman Matt made it easy to buy. Thanks to everyone at HYDE for a great boat.

    Matthew - Palmerton, PA

  • The boat couldn’t be better! I enjoy rowing my wife in the boat, but I’ll admit she does rub it in when she catches the most and largest fish…of course, that is due to the fact I am at the oars most of the time. :o) Thanks for the great customer service and the wonderful product!!!

    S. Jensen

  • Love it!! Hyde is king!! I fish many river is Michigan, PM/Muskegon/Manistee/Au Sable, and the quality of getting me around the river couldn’t be better. Not too often do I get caught up on the bottom of a shallow river. The dry storage is a huge bonus fishing the cold wet falls we have here in Michigan as well as the chilly winters! Nothing like breaking out the Coleman stove on the boat to enjoy a hot soup on a cold day. The performance is number one in my book, I’ve rowed a lot of different kinds of boats but nothing is better than my Hyde! Also, always get positive comments by fisherman as I drift by, like, “Hey, beautiful boat!”, which is always nice. Only improvement I can see, and I’ve notice the 2000 models have such features, is better storage for my fly rods. Realize it’s tough to work in to the boat but once in a while I find it tough to manage a few fly rods in the boat. Other than that it’s great!


  • Love it. Durable. Timeless. Easy to row. Unmatched craftsmanship and quality.

    - Marc

  • I always get compliments on my boat from other fly fisherman. Other fiberglass sliders can’t compare in looks to the Hyde with its beautiful rocker angle and clean lines. I have a 1997 combo light gray color with green trim and wow does it look good in the water. The fist time other oarsman row my boat is my favorite! I tell them it is fast on the water and that you don’t have to stoke much to get across the river. When we head into a slot they always end up over rowing and put it into the bank. The common phrase I hear is “Man this thing is fast!” or “what did I do!” I just smile and say “dude two stokes in this thing and you are across the river” I use my Hyde everywhere from Idaho to Montana on rivers and lakes too!

    - Scott, Boise, Idaho

  • The boat has just been great for trout fishing on the Yakima River in Central Washington. My boy loves fishing out it and my little girl loves to lie in the front with her shades on and “sun” herself down the river. Thanks for a great boat. I have really enjoyed it so far.

    Chuck - Yakima, WA

  • My initial experience is that the Hyde rows easier than my previous Claka Craft. I like the fact that it’s lighter and more maneuverable. I also like the adjustability aspects, not available in my previous boat. The only area of inconvenience, again in either boat, is Rod storage. I’m currently designing a system of my own to meet my particular needs but hey, nothing is good to go out of the box for every individual user, no event the cars we drive. So, putting it into perspective, I find the Hyde products to be a great quality to value relationship. Thanks for building me a great boat!


  • Fear No Rock” is a catchy tag line for another drift boat company. The marketing banter refers to how tough the bottom of the boat is. I can’t verify how tough they really are, but the fact is their bottoms need to be really tough because it is so hard to maneuver the things. Their hulls seem to be built to “track for the barn”, that is, they want to go straight down the river, over rocks or whatever may be in the way. I “fear no rock” in my combo because the hull is built to deftly avoid collisions with rocks. The hull is very nimble, turns on a dime, will easily ferry from one side of the river to the other with only a few strokes, and will “surf” in chop or on a small wave effortlessly, allowing my angling companions to get several casts into the sweet spots while guys in the “other” boats are blowing down the river. A good oarsman can track the boat straight and can also slide the boat sideways by “crabbing” the oars. I can’t say enough about the performance of this hull design. It is by far the easiest boat to row on the market and the most responsive in situations where you need to maneuver around obstacles. The new recessed rod holders are great, keeping rods and reels out of harms way. The cloth liners are a nice touch in that they protect the finish of fine fly rods.

    Mark Lance - Denver, Colorado

  • I have been guiding part time on the Bow River since 1996 and have used a Hyde. This boat has been a pleasure to operate. My clients appreciate the boat layout and the ample dry storage to get items out of the way. The boat handles well and has been shown to be durable while “dancing with rocks”. When the time comes I will be looking for another Hyde.


  • I currently own a 2000 Hyde Combo that I love. Having owned 5 drift boat of various makes and models over the past 12yrs I can honestly say that it is the best drift boat that I have owned. This is the second Hyde that I have owned, my last was a 1997 combo, and you guys just keep making them better and better! It handles extremely well, has every option that a flyfisher needs, looks great, and best of all it is strong and light at the same time!! My next boat will be a new Hyde, I just haven’t decided on model and color yet. Keep up the great work!

    Kim - Boise, Idaho

  • I have to say this is the best boat I have ever owned and I have owned a few of them! I didn’t think I would like aluminum but I wouldn’t own anything but aluminum even again. It handles fantastic here in Michigan on the Ausable, Manistee and the P.M. This is a very stable boat with ample storage. I can carry 3 chairs, table, gas grill, 4DB Dunn rod cases a bag of extra clothes and that doesn’t include my clients equipment and 2 coolers and still have room for more equipment, and the only things exposed are the coolers. . I also have to say my salesman was great he helped me out with any questions I had, when you talk about great customer service I would say John is it I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy a boat or have questions about boats. Thanks John!!


  • Every time I am on the rivers….Kootenai, Yellowstone, Madison, Flathead, Clark Fork, Grande Ronde, Columbia, Yakima, Missouri...people come and look at my Hyde...they ask questions like: How easy is it to row and fish? Why aluminum? Is it worth the expense...etc...and I tell them how many times I pull up on a bank and talk to my friends about the great times we are having together...tell them a few of the stories….a few of the quotes...when I pull down the highway and see other boats…I always look in the mirror and think…..damn, I’m glad I have my Hyde.


  • I have owned a LP for nearly four years. By far the best boat I have ever had the chance to fish out of. The LP is perfectly balanced fishing platform. I spend nearly 50 days a year in my LP and it has never missed a beat. Thanks for producing a great boat.


  • Wouldn’t row any other boat! My Hyde allows me to fish any type of water I want. Whether its floating the St. Joe for smallmouth or the Yellowstone for trout my Hyde does the job. Its handling capabilities are even more evident in Yankee Jim Canyon on the Yellowstone. My Hyde allows me to ride over standing waves and get my clients into fish when other guides aren’t comfortable taking their boats through the canyon. This is truly the only boat.

    Dustan - South Bend, IN

  • I am so impressed with my low pro. It may be the perfect guide boat. The new rod holders are the best I’ve seen, having my extra rods and now reels protected was great this year. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with for next year.

    Richard - Missoula, MT

  • My Hyde Boat is by far the best boat I have every owned and the craftsmanship is unmatched. This was apparent the first time I took my Hyde through White Horse Rapids here on the Deschutes River. The boat was so responsive and easy to row through White Horse it made it feel like we were on the Mecca Flats section of the river. Matt Hyde was extremely helpful, great to work with and was able to achieve all my needs that I wanted in my boat. Go Hyde!

    James - Bend, OR

  • Maiden voyage went extremely well!! Can’t believe how responsive this boat is! Thanks again. Again, you guys run a very impressive operation, pleasure doing business with you. Your fellow drift boat driver Bill.

    Bill - Rock Springs, WY

  • After two months of regular steelhead trips here in Michigan, my Hyde is everything that I thought it would be. My 14 year old son handles the oars like a veteran thanks to the wonderful design that allows the boat to be so quick and track so easily. Thanks to Ryan in Idaho and Chris in Newaygo that made things go so smoothly! I never thought I’d say this, but I’m looking forward to the ski season ending so we can get back to serious fishing on the weekends!

    David - Northville, MI

  • I have been rowing drift boats for the last twenty years both as a professional guide and a weekend warrior. Two years ago, I purchased my second Hyde, a beautiful 2002 green/gold High Side Combination. I can’t get over how well this boat responds to the oars and its stability even with larger fisherman casting from it. This boat has been floated on the trout streams of Montana and steelhead rivers of Idaho and British Columbia. It never fails to catch the eyes of other fisherman who comment on its appearance.

    Keep up the good work.

    Don - Colstrip, MT

  • Hey Guys. I thought I would drop you a note to let you know how pleased I am in my new Hyde Low Profile. WOW what a treat it was to do a maiden float in what I believe to be the finest boat anywhere. Every thing about it was fantastic. I had so many compliments from others along the river on its appearance and it is a real treat to row. Thank for all your hard work. The quality of this boat is second to none.


  • I purchased my Hyde Low Profile last September and it promptly shipped to Newaygo, Michigan. I have had a blast rowing the boat on Michigan’s great rivers. The boat rows like a dream and my friends love the fact that I enjoy rowing so they can fish while I am rowing! Of course we stop and anchor and I get to fish too and here are a few pictures of Steelhead I have caught this spring! I would also like to mention that the customer service at the Newaygo Store is Top Notch! Every time I stop in there for a new accessory on my boat I am greeted with a friendly smile and AWESOME customer service! Keep up the great service and building them great Drift Boats!

    Don - Washington, MI

  • Thank you Matt for such a wonderful experience in making my Hyde boat come true. The first drift was like driving a new car. Putting the whole package together was made so easy by you, and what I now have far exceeds my expectations. I now know that I won’t have to do with second best, as what I have always wanted is now sitting in my garage. From our first phone call, to the day I picked it up. The customer service, friendly atmosphere, and the way I was treated, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The Hyde decals are on my truck and I can’t wait for someone to ask me about them. Proudly I will hold my head high and tell them all about my wonderful boat and the experience I had… The memories have just started.

    Greg - Auburn, WA

  • I recently received my new Signature Series boat and immediately had to try it out on the Owens River in eastern California. This boat handled like nothing I had ever rowed! I found it nimble and easy to get off the eddy fences and its light weight made the strong cross currents more manageable. The curved stern allowed me to go upstream to retrieve flies that got hung up without rowing like a mad demon. I bought the boat with a front and rower’s seat compartments. This kept the clutter to a minimum and I received no complaints of line getting hung up which was a problem in my other boat. After three days of floating and fishing, I asked my buddies what they thought could or should be changed in the boat’s configuration. The reply was,” Whoever designed this boat has done a lot of fishing!” However, a little later, something was mumbled about a cooler for beer but they may have meant milk. The level floor is going to be very helpful when I start taking trips with The Wounded Warrior Program later this Year. My new Hyde is a dream and I’m proud to have one.

    Rick - Bakersfield, CA

  • We absolutely love the new boat. The ½ day guided fishing trip on the box canyon section of the Henry’s Fork was wonderful. The second day we floated between Twin Bridges and Lorenzo on the South Fork by ourselves. The boat works great. I think I am really going to love the way we have this one setup. Thanks for all your help and support in getting me in to a new boat.

    Stephen - Golden, CO

  • WOW…what can I say! It’s a real beauty!

    I picked up my boat from Klay’s place Friday July 20th. I realize it was a bit longer than I had expected, but I’ve been extremely busy with work and all down in Rawlins. He was understanding and had kept it safe at his house there in Wilson. I was very glad to take a few days off and head to the river to try out my new Hyde boat. FANTASTIC!!
    As an “old guide” from way back when who has operated many a drift boat (including your competition’s and other manufacture’s McKenzie type drift boats, canoe, sailboat, etc., this new boat has all the features one could hope for.

    My two “28×36” Tupperware coolers from Wal-Mart fit perfectly down on the sides in the mid section of the boat-one for drinks, one for lunch. I rigged up the anchor system (I really love your anchor holder on the frame…what a great idea!) with a pulley system and it’s a breeze to lift and maneuver with your side pull.

    The trailer tongue jack stand wheel lift is a great idea and really makes it easy for one person to maneuver the boat around. The tongue was a bit heavier than my other drift boats I own, but the jack stand made it turn on a dime with ease.

    I cleaned up the boat and put it to use on Sunday down the Snake. We caught some fish and had a great time. It really handles nicely. The special G4 Super Shoe “boot” you put on the bottom gives it a little “extra” protection and a bit more of a weighted bottom with “pace” as you row with east down the river. I have a set of special cataract weighted oars with floating blades…the perfect combination for this boat. I felt like I was in my Cadillac! Just couldn’t believe how it handled!! What a dream!
    Your boat is absolutely “perfect!” Thanks for working with me on delivery and giving me a wonderful trade in on my old “Fish-Rite.” I must say the new Hyde washes away all the memories of the old standby with future days of “First-Class” travel down the water ways of Wyoming, Idaho and other parts west! (In fact we were stopped by a Park Ranger on the river and she said, “Where did you get such a beautiful boat?” This is the first one I’ve seen like this.” She remarked as she checked out our licenses and Grand Teton permit!) I was feeling very pleased at this point!

    There’s an idea for you, Steve…outfit the Grand Teton Park Rangers with Hyde’s. It will sure beat those old Hyperlon pontoons they row!

    Thanks again for your service, I really love the boat! ... keep in touch.

    Ben - Wyoming

  • Here is the picture of the Brown I caught on the Madison on my salmon fly next to what I believe is the single best boat on the market today. As you know, I guide on the Bighorn for the second half of March, and the months of April and May. Then I am off to chase the salmon-flies for the month of June on the Lower Madison, Big Hole, and Upper Madison. The rest of the summer I am all over the state but spend the majority of my time on the Yellowstone. I am overwhelmingly pleased with the boats handling, durability, and joy to fish from. I just want to thank you for building a boat that is built for a Montana Outfitter.

    Eric - Montana

  • I wanted to take a moment to e mail in a truly heartfelt endorsement of HYDE. This spring I purchased a LH Signature and absolutely had a great buying experience. Also, the boat was great to row, and very comfortable to fish from. I owned it for just about 3 weeks! Then my buddy, who will remain nameless, hit a bridge pillar in one of the easiest stretches on the river! I really couldn’t believe it...I had my dream boat…..and within a few seconds of him hitting the bridge, which was a feat in itself (like you would actually have to try to hit it to do so) (and reacting poorly when he hit it) I had nothing. The river chewed up
    the boat, we flipped, and were pinned up against the pillar for a minute (all the while hearing gut wrenching noises as the fiberglass exploded) and then the boat was upside-down, on the bottom of the river, headed downstream, hitting every rock on the riverbed! (I know, I was hanging on to it when it was crunching against them)
    My boat was ruined!

    I had dreamed of owning a Hyde for years, and finally had one of the top of the line ones, and then I was back to rowing my old woody!

    I just want to let everyone out there that is looking for a boat know that the amount of customer care that has been shown to me over the past 6 weeks or so has been truly outstanding. Matt Hyde and his father care about their business, and they helped me a great deal. They went as far as to give me a substantial trade in value on a boat that was “probably headed to the dump.” Amazing! They made it so that I could afford to buy a new one with that trade value.

    This time, I got the new XL. This was actually Matt’s boat that he’d taken out 3 or 4 times. (I could tell he was sad to see her go when I picked it up) I am telling you, they went out of their way to help me. I took it out for the first time yesterday, I had four people, a dog, two coolers, and a bunch of gear…..the boat literally tracked and rowed better than any other boat I’ve been in, including the LH Sig.! (pictures to come) I can’t wait to row it with a measly 3 people!

    I would just say this: when you buy a Hyde boat, you’ve also bought the support of a family business that really stands behind their product….to the point of charity in my case.


  • Just wanted to thank you guys, and the folks there at Hyde for all the help lining me up with my first boat. We ran Section A on the Green below Flaming Gorge twice this weekend and loved every minute of it thanks to my 2004 LH Series LPC. I was 16 years old in 1982 when I took my first drift boat drip down the Deschutes River back home in Oregon and have been waiting for this moment ever since. Your boat made it extra special and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

    The boat trailered great all the way just like you said it would and tracked beautifully in the water. The first float was in the late afternoon and we experienced some pretty good wind gusts half way down, which peaked my appreciation for the maneuverability and dynamics of this low profile boat. I only rubbed a couple of rocks all weekend, which says more for the capabilities of this boat than my rowing skills. I truly love the flexible adjustments that Hyde Drift Boats provide. Once I made a few easy changes on the bench seats, oar locks, and foot brace, I was in great position in the rowers seat and really enjoyed positioning the boat from river bank to river bank.
    As for the fishing, they punched up the flows from 800cfs to 1400cfs, so it was slower than advertised, but we did manage to bring a few Browns to the boat. My buddy Harold fished up front and said it was great to fish out of and by far the best drift boat experience he has every had. My son Declan fished aft and had a blast on his first drift boat trip ever. I definitely need to order that rear knee brace and a few other small items from you guys, so I will be in touch later this week.

    As promised, here are a few pics from Green. Feel free to use them how ever you like. I will send more from the Grey Reef, Roaring Fork, Arkansas and what ever other water I touch later this years.

    Brian - Boulder, CO

  • I just wanted to send an email & compliment you guys on a top notch outfit. The facility & fly shop were very professional. Thanks for making the purchase quick & without complication.

    The boat is nice & handles like a dream. We had two wonderful days of fishing. I’ve attached two pictures of the our most memorable trout from Monday & Tuesday.
    Thanks again, I will make it a priority to stop by the shop when we’re traveling through the Idaho Falls area.


  • Just wanted to say thanks for building me such an awesome boat. I didn’t have a chance to use it a lot last year since I was deployed to Iraq, but sine I have returned home I have been putting in some hours in on the river. I’d have to say I have floated the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York well over a hundred times since this past fall. I have been out there when it’s been 2000 CFS and 350 CFS and no matter what kind of water flow there is, the boat handles like a dream. In the lower water flows I often get a chance to clean the bottom of my boat on some of the boulders in the river that are unavoidable. Without the G4 bottom I wouldn’t dare run a boat in this river at low water. With the G4 there are no worries as I glide over the boat eating boulders. Everyone who gets to ride in my boat loves it, even some of the guys from shore let me know they like the looks of the boat. Can’t wait to see what the future brings from your line of boats, and I can’t wait for some Spring time steel in a couple months. Thanks again for everything and for making my buying experience so easy.
    P.S. Here are just a few of the chromers I have caught on the boat this year.

    Christopher - USMC Combat Veteran and Proud Owner of a Hyde Drift Boat

  • I would personally like to thank everyone at Hyde for an amazing boat. I have been accustom to Willys boats due to the fact I am originally from Alaska, but I must say Hyde has trumped it by a long shot. When i speak to all my guide buddies up in the great north they have nothing but questions about Hyde, and i have nothing but good things to say. Aside from a few minor setbacks during the 2008 season ( mostly me knocking off the cob webs) it was an unforgettable season non the less and i couldn’t have done it without my Hyde. Handles great rows like a low side but handles big water like a high side, and looks great doing it. here are some pictures for 2009 to get yah started. thanks to everyone for this great product.

    Forrest Flannery

  • I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know about my experience last week. I have a 1998 drift boat that I bought new from you and dropped it off last week for a tune up and some warranty work. At the time the boat was in need of a lot of TLC as I have used it regularly in Washington for steel heading and occasional trout fishing. I see a lot of you competitions boats in Washington and have floated and rowed my fishing buddies boats many times as we take a different boat each time. Looking at there newer boats and my well broke in boat it is easy to get new boat envy, but I was willing to take my boat back and have you work your promised magic along with getting in some fishing at Yellowstone. When I picked up my boat it looked great but we had a lot of driving to do that day so we packed up and headed home. Now that I have been home, put the seats back in, washed the boat and trailer and put on my new cover I have the same excitement about my boat as the day I got it. It honestly looks better then the day I got it with the new upgrades you put in it. Rich and your team did a great job at a very fair price. I just want to thank you again and let you know I will be a Hyde supporter for the rest of my fishing life. There are a lot of good boat manufacturers around Washington and people can debate what boat they like better but the service after the sale is just important and I cant imagine how I could have been treated better.

    Mark Webster

  • I really like the XL Low Pro. Clients love it and the three position leg brace might be the best drift boat innovation for guides ever. I no longer have the tilted boat syndrome from the big guys in the boat.

    Casey Hackathorn - Outfitter, The Missourian Angler

  • Thanks so much! This boat is awesome. I had the chance to get out on Saturday for some small mouth bass. I will send you some photos of a real monster – 23” somewhere around 6lbs. The storage in the boat will make it easy for Michelle and I to do some over night trips. Thanks again, please feel free to have any prospective purchaser give us a call.

    Michael Alexander

  • The boat rows great! Everyone that sees it likes it a lot. I’ve had it on 7 different rivers & it handled great on all of them. Thanks again.

    Mickey Brockman

  • I got my Hyde LH Signature aluminum drift boat July of 2008. I have taken it on the Kenai River here in Alaska over 50 times now. I just wanted to let you know what a great boat it is. It always gets lots of compliments…Thanks for a great boat!

    Steve Rykaczewski - Anchorage, AK

  • Purchased this drifter from you guys this past spring. Can’t say enough to its utility in our smaller Michigan streams. We now have access to much more water than before. Just put a little 4 h.p motor on the back and having a blast fishing migratory fish in river mouths this fall. This is picture from Michigan’s upper peninsula on the last day of trout season.

    Joel Shoemaker

  • Just wanted to drop you a quick note and let you know the boat I purchased from you was just what I was looking for. It is a great boat for 2 guys, and I wouldn’t change a thing. It rowed wonderfully and the anchor systems were easy to use even with only one hand available (because I was playing a fish with the other hand). I am convinced I caught more fish because of the boat. In one and a half days of fishing I hooked 39 steelhead! The boat was light enough for 2 guys to pick up and will be great for getting into some of the places I fish that are a short walk from the road or don’t have a boat ramp. Thanks again for everything and if I ever need another boat I know where to go.

    Dave Pemberton

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed my Hyde drift boats. I have had 3 fiberglass low-profile boats over the past 10 years and have loved each one. I started by purchasing a used boat directly from you back in 1999, and a few year later traded up for another used boat. I made the move to a new boat about 4 years ago when I purchased my low profile Pro-series boat and had it set up just the way I wanted it.

    I live in Michigan and fish the Pere Marquette river most often. Since we are in and out of the boat quite a bit the low profile boat is a perfect fit. The boat is a dream to row through tight spots, fallen trees and around boot fisherman in the river. I guide during the King Salmon season and get nothing but complements on the comfort and function of the boat. The built in rod holders have been a dream come true for keeping the rods protected and organized.

    I just wanted you to know that I love the boat and I will never own anything other than a Hyde!

    Todd Meyer

  • I would personally like to thank everyone at Hyde for making a truly remarkable boat. As 2009 comes to a close I have had an amazing year fishing the rivers of Western Washington. From winter steelhead to pinks this summer and Coho this fall, my boat has led me, my family, and friends to fish filled waters all year long. The functionality and comfort of my boat is second to none. I use my boat for all types of fishing and it performs exceptionally no matter what species and fishing style I’m doing. Fly fishing for trout, side drifting for steelhead, pulling plugs for salmon, my boat can do it all. No matter how many other boats I see at the sportsman shows or on the river – Hyde boats are still the best by far. Personally, I think Hyde boats are an exceptional product and I will never own anything else.

    Chris - Maple Valley, WA

  • Just wanted to say thank you Hyde staff for building me a great boat. I got the boat out for the first time yesterday and even with 2 feet higher water levels it was so easy to get around roots and tight turns between rocks, that would have been something I wouldn’t have tried before in a canoe. I would have had to walk around. Instead we managed to pick up a few rainbows from behind the rocks. Great day in high water thanks to Hyde drift boats, thanks again.

    Tito - Alton, MO

  • WOW! I got the new boat in the water this week and was blown away. The new XL design is everything you said it would be and more. I did not sacrifice any substantially noticeable handling from what I was used to in the Pro Series and the other advantages the boat provides are incredible. The extra 17” makes a huge difference in available storage, rower and angler comfort and draft. We were able to slide over very shallow gravel bars without a touch…places my old boat plowed through. The boat is a sincere pleasure to captain and will undoubtedly make for a very enjoyable guide season. Thank you.

    Steve Leibinger - Bozeman, MT

  • Just wanted to say thank you for making this boat purchase a very professional transaction with a personal touch from all of you that we met there. It is reassuring to find a company like Hyde where everyone works together as a team and treats their clients as family. We appreciate the extra effort to get our boat packaged and shrink wrapped for the trip home. It was well protected through the snow, ice, and dust storms we encountered back to GA & AL. Debbie and I will remember each of you as new found friends.

    Larry LeSueur

  • I have been rowing a Hyde for over fifteen years and when Lamoyne Hyde told me about the LH limited edition and its storage options I knew it the best boat for my office guiding on the Bow River in Calgary. Everyone is amazed at all the dry storage available. They are surprised that I have four rods stored in the strait rod holders, ready for any fishing situation we may encounter during the day. The staff at Hyde have always been great to deal with over the years, and my next boat will be an LH Limited Edition for sure.

    Terry Johnson

  • Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with my recent boat purchase. Matt has always been very accommodating and was eager to help me get a new XL Low Profile started. When Matt was out of town I worked with Jim and finished my favorite Hyde yet (And I have had 4!). Jim really deserves a lot of credit for putting up with how picky I am. I added many extra features, created a custom color, changed things in middle of production, and asked for pictures several times and he always came through with a smile. No matter how many questions or emails I sent, a friendly response was always quick and detailed, he really wanted me to be happy with the boat. I have put this boat on the "Reef" twice in the last month and was blown away with the tracking, spaciousness and turning ability of this boat. Lastly, I wanted to thank LaMoyne for personally delivering the boat to my front door while I was on vacation. Not many business owners would drive hours out of the way like he did. I will always drift a Hyde because you created a raving fan, thank you!

    Matt O'Dell - Fort Collins, Colorado

  • I am writing today Sunday 4/10/11 to tell you what I think of my Hyde XL Low Side Drift boat. First, it was delivered by a very fine individual by the name of Eldon. Employees who are pleasant, courteous, professional, answer questions, give direction, etc...are invaluable. I could tell that he takes a lot of pride in what he does. Second, I have also dealt with a salesman by the name of Chris. He was also very professional, knowledgeable, and very helpful, courteous, patient, etc. I have also spoken with you Jim, again, extremely courteous, kind. Most of all, things happened as you said they would. Your word is everything to a client.

    I also wanted you to know, that I went fishing on my lake with the boat on Sunday afternoon. The Hyde boat was very easy to unload, rowed beautifully. Everything worked. Caught a few fish, but in Southern Indiana, its Bass, Crappie, and Catfish. No Trout.
    I guess my reason for writing, is just to let you, as well as the other employees at Hyde Drift Boats, that I am well pleased with my boat, and if anyone would like to post this for future use feel free.
    Thank you again

    Mark Thienes - Evansville, Indiana

  • Finally got some small-mouth slime on the boat yesterday after your delivery two weeks ago. Drifted five miles of river in Indy (@ 50 year low level) without a problem. Had to walk it three or four times. Two of my three boys have lived west, have seen and fished them, and suggested a drift boat. Good times they used to say....can we do that again.........now I'm saying can we do that again.

    I've purchased too many used boats in my years with all but one good result. This one is by far my best experience. The 1999 pro series appeared to us as NEW .....boat to trailer and performed as new. You have it right, and do it right. We are in small business also and know what it takes. Please use this a a documentary for your future customers of used and new craft. We will be happy to answer their calls.

    Dave Corbon - Indiana