journaloffishermanI just returned from a fishing trip to the Bighorn in Montana. I heard that Bighorn fishing slowed down and that it was not like it used to be few years earlier. Well, I am here to tell you if the fishing is down I didn’t see it. I pulled into Fort Smith and meet an old friend of mine Scott Stienfelt who is the owner of the Bighorn Fly Shop. We also meet a film crew and the host of the new flyfishing show on Outdoor Network, Mike Pollawski. Mike is a great host and a very good fisherman.

Shortly after arriving we headed for the river to find the surprise of my life. The first fish of the day was a 4-5 lb rainbow, followed by 3-4 small browns and a few rainbows. The next hole we went to produced several large browns in the 3-4 lb range. This was the way the day went. All in all we were on the river for about 5-6 hours and we had a show. This was the shortest amount of time I have ever spent to complete a show acquiring all the footage needed to produce a good quality TV show. We planed to fish the following day but having 0clip_image063acquiring all the shots needed I decided to head for home the next morning as it was a 6 hour drive and a storm was setting in.

I was really excited to see the Bighorn River in such great shape and to have the fishing so good again, if it ever really was as bad as the press reported it to be.

I look forward to returning soon.


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