0clip_image051This week I went to the Rogue River in Oregon and meet up with a great friend Steve Bonner. Steve had invited me to come and fish with him for some time but unfortunately the occasion never presented it’s self.

I finally got the occasion and was excited to be able to fish the steelhead in the Rogue and have such an accomplished fisherman as Steve to help me with some pointers of how to catch the elusive steelhead of the Rogue. I tried to use some of the techniques that I used on other rivers and failed to hookup as I thought I should so I humbly went to Steve with hat in hand to get some advice. He is a great teacher and was gracious enough to share his knowledge. That put things in motion. Jim Peterson, who runs our flyshop in Idaho really started to catch fish and the fun began. Both of us caught several steelhead which is not an easy thing to do on any river.0clip_image053

The Rogue is a beautiful river and is a must river to fish if your desires are to catch the one fish that always is the master of challenges to fish for. Give Steve a call and he will save you a lot of time keeping you from doing things wrong and getting to the catching quicker.


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