journaloffishermanJust a short mention of a great experience of going to the finals of the Fly fishing Master. I was invited to the final awards of the Fly fishing Masters program put on by Barrett Productions of Missoula Montana. What a class act this company is and the way they protect the integrity of the sport of fly fishing in their shows. I have been involved with them in several of their shows and know they are wanting to promote the fly fishing sport along with protecting the environmental issues that we all love.

I watched the friendships that was developed during the competitions, but most of all I think that competitions is probably not the right word as all of the participants did as much cheering for each other it didn’t look like any competition I had ever seen.

Hyde Drift Boats gave a boat away to the winner of the largest fish measured in the finals and everyone was as excited for him as if they had won the boat.

That is the way I have found fly fisherman to be they seem to be a cut above the average and I feel it a privilege to be numbered as one of them.

My compliments to John Barrett who has done as much for promoting the sport of fly fishing and a class act TV fly fishing programs as any person I know.


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