0clip_image014 0clip_image016 0clip_image018journaloffishermanMany times I go to great lengths to find new water around the world and ignore the great fishing right in my own back door. I took my wife and a guide from our lodge and headed for the lower part of the Henrys Fork of the Snake River. This spring in Idaho has been much colder with a lot of wind. So I was forced to do much of the fishing under the surface. Not my favorite way to fish but I can do it. I look at nymph fishing only when I have to. I know that most flyfisherman would like to fish dries so I am not much different. I am a lot like the statement that was made in movie of Quigley Down Under when Quigley at the end of the show was confronted by the villain. Quigley preferred to use his 45-90 rifle and the villain liked his 6 gun so he thought he had the upper hand with the hand guns, but soon found that Quigley knew how to use the 6 guns also. Anyway Quigley at the end of the show as the villain lay dieing Quigley said “I didn’t say I didn’t know how to use a 6 gun I just said I don’t especially like them.

0clip_image020We did however catch a few good fish and got the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors.I really like to fish the Henrys Fork as it carves it’s way down through the huge lava rock formations. The Henrys is a river that has intrigued me for years. I started to fishing the Henrys Fork and the famed Box canyon in the late 60s and have been in love with it every since.

The Henrys begains in one of the largest, if not the largest caldera or volcano craters in the world. Scientists have found ashes from this caldera as far away as Nebraska and is part of the Yellowstone volcanic formation.

0clip_image022The Henrys Fork river is famous for its great rainbow fishing and the lower part of the river once it drops off the caldera rim to the valley floor is populated by rainbows, browns and cutthroat trout.

This is a must visit fishery that will keep you coming back or at least haunting you to come back for the rest of your life after you fish it.

See you on the great rivers and water of the world!


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