Jackson Hole One Fly 2023

The 2023 Jackson Hole One Fly was another great event. Year after year the generous nature of the teams and board continue to astound me. We at Hyde Drift Boats are always honored to be a part of the One Fly and always excited to get back to Jackson Hole to do our part for conservation of the one of the most beautiful river drainages in the world. 

The Jackson Hole One Fly is an outstanding event put on by an amazing group of board members based in Jackson Hole. It's two days of fishing on the Snake River as it is sectioned out from Jackson Lake in Wyoming down to the Byington Boat Ramp in Idaho. The rules are simple, you get one fly, don't lose it, don't break it, catch fish. 

This year we were lucky enough to put together two solid days of fishing from our team landing us in 10th place out of 40 total teams. An exceptional performance from our very own Tyler Stewart landed him as the 2nd place overall Amateur; the common theme among many who find themselves in the select group of top anglers he listened to his guides and found the fish.

Another notable performance was a long time member of the Hyde Prostaff Mike Bias. Mike goes back almost three decades with the Hyde Family and is basically a member of the family himself. After years of watching friends stand on the podium, Mike got his moment in the limelight. After two days of fishing hard, he found himself atop the stage as the top Idaho Guide.

The Sunday Banquet is the climax of the whole event. Anglers, guides, the board, and all the helping hands that make the event possible all gather under the tent for a night of awards, swapping of fish stories, and of course the boat raffle. There are two boats waiting for your name to be drawn on Sunday night; the guide boat, generously donated by Robert Facchina of the Johanna Drifters, all the guides from the weekend have a chance at winning this boat and having a fresh new ride down the river; the second boat is donated by Hyde Drift Boats.

This year we went a little different route than previous years and made a One Fly Special Montana Skiff, this boat is raffled off with tickets available throughout the summer and your last chance coming on the closing night of the One Fly. Did I mention the generous donors? The gentleman who's name got drawn for the raffle decided to donate the boat back to One Fly on one condition: they do a live auction right then and there where the boat went for $21,000. 

The generosity of the teams, donors, board, and guides are what make the Jackson Hole One Fly such a great success with conservation projects spanning across the Western US. It is an amazing event that we love to support and are excited to continue supporting for years to come!


Final Scores and Positioning for the 2023 Hyde Drift Boats Team
4. Tyler Stewart- 986 Points
70. Alec Losee- 432 Points
72. Matt Hyde- 419 Points
148. Madison Hyde-Losee (One Day)- 159 Points
149. Lamoyne Hyde (One Day)- 154 Points


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