July 2015

A great day of fishing is when you can pass along some of the old knowledge to the new generation. This was a special day I was able to spend with my great grandson Hunter Hyde. Most young people are hard to get them to stay entertained fishing for a whole day, but Hunter is certainly the exception- a whole day is a whole day. I guess he received a double charge of Hyde blood.

We were able to spend the day going from gravel bar to gravel bar. I found quickly that this was the safest place to have a young man with so much energy.
We have fished together many times and always enjoy each other’s company.

just a note about the fishing. he is so young that having him cast in the boat was dangerous to say the least., so I cut the hook off from the fly but it only took a minute for him to discover what I had done and yes you guessed it, the fly had to have the hook.

One of the great joys that I get building drift boats is the stories that I hear about the families they bring closer together as well as the friendships enjoyed in our drift boats.
I hope you take a youth with you next time you go to the river. I am sure they will entertain you for the day.


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