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The Sportsman’s Drifter Hyde Drift Boat is designed to meet the needs of anglers looking for a lightweight and stable solution to get to those hard-to-reach places. Designed for smaller waters, the Drifter is extremely maneuverable and easy to row. Due to the newly designed fly deck, anglers can comfortably fish out of the front while standing in the leg brace.

Two people can easily load the Sportsman’s Drifter into a pickup truck. While extremely lightweight, the Drifter offers many of the advantages of a full-size drift boat. It’s an ideal boat for hunting and fishing where access is limited. The Drifter is constructed with the same attention to detail for which Hyde is known.

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Sportsman’s Drifter Dimensions

  • Centerline: 12′
  • Gunwales: 13′ 2″
  • Beam: 63.3″
  • Side Height: 19″
  • Bottom Width: 43.5″
  • Hull Weight: 130 lbs