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The new High Side is Hyde’s latest addition to the XL (Extra Long) Series of drift boats. With a centerline of almost 17’, this boat has excellent interior space. The floors have been reengineered in order to maximize comfort for the rower and anglers (front & rear). It’s not likely you’ll run out of storage options or space for coolers and gear with this boat. 

The increased footprint allows the boat to float in extremely shallow water while maintaining the performance for which Hyde is known. The high sides also allow the boat to provide great handling in bigger water. As with all Hyde Drift Boats, this model is totally modular in design and can be configured to meet the needs of any fishing situation. All Hyde Drift Boats feature a lifetime warranty. You can upgrade from the Hyde Pro Series Aluminum to the Hyde Signature Series Aluminum by adding a UHMW bottom to your boat.

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XL Aluminum Drift Boats Dimensions

  • Centerline: 15′ 7″
  • Gunwales: 17′ 2″
  • Beam: 74.5″
  • Side Height: 20″
  • Bottom Width: 55″

XL Aluminum High Side Drift Boat Specifications

  • Centerline: 16′ 2″
  • Gunwales: 17′ 11″
  • Beam: 74.5″
  • Side Height: 26″
  • Bottom Width: 55″